ADA for Trees

The stake pool that turns ADA into forests

100% of our pool's profits are donated to plant trees


Ada for Trees (ADAT) is a Cardano Charity Stake Pool with a sustainability mission.

Partenering with Treedom, we thrive to fight back the impact of
Deforestation and C02 emisions.

Our Goal:

Plant a minimum of 50 life-changing trees per month, giving families nutritious food and produce to sell.

ADATlogo Delegate to our pool

Why delegate to ADAT?

With fees set at 2%, you will receive 98% of all rewards. And we vouch to donate 100% of our rewards (the 2% of pool's rewards) to Treedom, our planting tree partner!

We want our footprint to be more than net zero - we want it to be regenerative!

How do we plant trees?

100% of ADAT's rewards are donated

By giving 100% of the pool's profits to Treedom, we turn ADA into trees!
And by delegating to our pool, you will contribute to make the planet greener.

We choose trees to plant

Various farmers will plant them and take care of them. Every tree will be tagged to let us follow its story: picture, GPS location, farmer ID, stage of growth.

Long term sustainability

We finance farmers, supporting their work in the early years, when trees are not yet productive. Treedom provides farmers with technical support for planting and managing trees.

Help the community

It's about people! The fruits of your tree will belong to the farmer, who will be able to use them as a food resource or support for their income.

Reliable & high performance tech

Our Setup

We operate a cluster of 3 nodes on separate dedicated servers ( 1 block producing node + 1 relay + 1 backup ) plus an additional 2 relays distributed geographically for performance and reliability.


Our fees are set to 340 + 2% fee.

A a delegator, you will get 98% of the rewards.


The hardware can be scaled up if needed. We use the best security, redundancy and monitoring practices to provide our delegates with the best return possible.

Our Choosen Charity: Treedom

Treedom collaborates with small farmers all over the world to help them integrate a more sustainable agricultural system - Agroforestry.
They also guarantee the wages of the farmers for the period while the trees planted are not yet productive, providing food security for the farmers and their communities boosting their economical development.

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a Sustainable Agricultural Practice consisting in planting native aclimated species integrated in the local ecosystem.

How do we work with them?

Every month we exchange the profit generated by the pool for trees at Treedom. Every tree awill be identified with an unique ID which will allow our delegators to track them at any time.

Why Treedom?

We chose this project because of their global impact - not only ecological - but within the communities being supported around the world.
Also due to its traceability , that allow us to have maximum transparency with our delegators.

Each tree will then be planted and will be traceable - thanks to their ID system that allows you to have information on:

  • Where the tree has been planted
  • Who is the farmer that is caring for the tree
  • How is it doing - with an up-to-date photo tag.


Pool Operator

Hi! I'm Cris!


From Sunny Mediterranean Corsica.

With a Biotechnology background - Sustainability and Conservation are my main concerns.

A Technology enthusiast myself,I believe that by integrating an understanding between ecological impact and technological development, we can create solutions to mitigate our impact on major global issues like climate change and food scarcity.

The blockchain technology creates the grounds needed to implement these ideas in a global prespective.

It brings the transparency and security needed for a new generation of technological and social development, where our action are tracked and accounted for and our progress can be accurately measured.

This is why I am invested in Cardano. The scientific aproach of the project and the sustainability values of the network made me commit to the community. Doing so by being an active member and efficiently running a stake pool.

Let's Get In Touch!

Would you like to know more about us and ADAT's project? Get in touch or follow our steps!


ADA for Trees is a purpose driven Cardano Stake Pool

We are Stake Pool Operators.
We are not finantial experts and cannot provide financial advice.
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